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Welcome to R.O.C. Enterprises   


R.O.C. Enterprises, which stands for Revive Our Culture, is owned by Thomas & Lori Howard aka Dj Doc & Lady R.O.C. We strive as a company to change how we, as humans should care for one another.  Join us in our journey to create a “Culture of Caring World Wide”. To help us in this journey, we have created the following divisions within our company.  We are also available for Public Speaking. 


 R.O.C.’s Modeling Coach & Runway Coordinator featuring Lady R.O.C. who is a NYFW/LAFW model and actor. 

Link: https://linktr.ee/Lorijefferson


 R.O.C.’s Paint & Sip Events where we provide guided painting for your events; Girls night out, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, couples night, kids events, engagement parties in any venue you’d like.

Link: Https://squareup.com/store/roc-enterprises


 R.O.C.’s Business Marketing & Incentives Program where you can partner with us to provide you with valuable incentives for your business. 


 R.O.C. Media covers events via the Red Carpet and / or the event itself with photos & videos. We have several ongoing shows:


  1. “Straight Talk with Dj Doc” Facebook Live. We promote businesses by interviewing them as guests on our shows. We also provide commercial spots during our shows for a nominal fee.
  2. “Straight Talk” Podcast where we have episodes about health, wellness and business via Anchor and other podcast platforms. 

Show Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTyKHrTYBJpcJ_53ktfeqnA


Podcast Link: Https://anchor.fm/djdocsd


 R.O.C. Photography and Videography will capture your “Moment in Time” with photos  via headshots, portraits, portfolios, modeling, lifestyle, glamour, boudoir. 


 R.O.C. Worldwide Travel Agency We can save you up to 35% on travel as well as show you how to save up to 70% on your travel while you MAKE money when customers SAVE money. 

Link: Https://poweredbyigo.com/igo/A1658542


 Save with R.O.C. allows us to help you SAVE money on your BILLS while giving you a peace of mind. This works for personal and business needs. 

Link: https://poweredbyigo.com/billgenius/A1658542 


 Learn with R.O.C. via Ellev8 


Ellev8 is a Legacy Management Platform designed to:

  • Teach you Financial Literacy 
  • Educate you on Forex Trading so you can trade like the banks and receive profits on your own money. 
  • Empower you to Design Your Own Life

Link: Https://poweredbyigo.com/ellev8/A1658542


 R.O.C. Health & Wellness provides products that will give you a peace of mind as well as protection from a wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses and fungi via SkinTech & Zence

Link: https://squareup.com/store/roc-enterprises


 R.O.C.’s Legal, Identity and Business Protection. Protect your family, your business & your personal identity. Have a real law FIRM on retainer 24/7 for certain legal & Identity concerns.

Thomas Link: Thomashoward.Wearelegalshield.Com


Lori's Link: COMING SOON


 R.O.C. Entertainment provides Deejay, Emcee & Voice-Over Services


Thomas Phone: 619-675-6726

Lori Phone: 619-384-8058

Email: djdocsd@gmail.com

Email: reviveourculture@gmail.com

Website: ReviveOurCulture.com




Mission Statement

Revive Our Culture Mission Statement


Revive Our Culture is a company whose goal is Creating a Culture of Caring World Wide. We strive to change how we, as humans, should care for one another. We have a clothing line that will be used to encourage and remind everyone about Revive Our Culture. We have modeling classes that teach individuals about modeling as well as caring for others. Our Therapeutic Painting Events, are designed to aid in releasing stress so that you are ready to care for yourself as well as others. We do all of this for those who are going through something, be it good or bad, that gives them the knowledge that someone cares. By doing this we hope the benefit to all is finding a place in your heart that shows caring can go a long way.









Lori Howard aka Lady R.O.C  has been a model and actor over 26 years. She is a NYFW & LAFW model and Modeling Coach. Lori has modeled in Chicago, New York and California. She has choreographed and coached numerous fashion shows. She has managed her own children who are in the entertainment business. Her love for modeling makes her the ideal modeling coach & Runway Coordinator. 










Thomas Howard aka Dj Doc has been a deejay for over 20 years. His knowledge of music has been honed over the years for all genre. He is also a Voice-Over actor, photographer, videographer and highly technical with computer programming for marketing, branding and video creation. All of this is performed under "Deep Soul Sound Productions"

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