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We provide products that will give you a peace of mind as well as protection.  


1️⃣ Zence

The world's first wearable no-touch technology. It allows you to have your own personal environment of powerful essential oils that last up to 12 hours. It is personal, portable and powerful. 

Zence allows you to choose your mood with 3 different scents.

Zence relax

Fresh Lavender Scent

For Sleep, Calming & Stress Relief

Sleepless nights? The fresh lavender scent will take you to your happy place, your place of peace, rest, and rejuvenation. Relax and unwind in your own personal paradise.

zence purify

Fresh Lemon Scent

For Clarity, Concentration & Nausea Relief

The fresh lemon scent brings balance, clarity, and a sense of accomplishment to your day. Make it all happen blissfully!

zence energize

Fresh Eucalyptus Scent
For Power, Energy & Congestion Relief

The fresh eucalyptus scent will give you the energy that you didn’t know you had. Clear your breathing pathways with a fresh clean scent that will recharge you with energy for hours!


2️⃣ SkinTech

It is a new revolutionized technology in skin protection and sanitizing with 4 hours of FULL proven protection. SkinTech allows you to protect yourself, your family and others from a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses and fungi. It will eliminate viruses, bacteria and spores on contact. It will also protect your skin from corrosive substances such as; acid based solvents. 

No matter what you do or how many times you wash your hands during the 4 hour period,“skintech” is like wearing an invisible glove and will create a protective shield for your skin! 


It is FDA approved. 




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